Charlie Jacobson

By January 14, 2017
Saturday 2:00 pm

Charlie Jacobson is a passionate, Alberta based, 23-year-old blues artist. Over the last few years Charlie has played hundreds of shows across the Canadian prairies and back and forth over the Rockies. With his guitar and suitcase drums always packed in the car, his nomadic lifestyle takes him to shows ranging from music festivals, house concerts, large blues clubs to community halls and theatres. You might see him fronting the four-piece Charlie Jacobson Band or recreating that full sound on his own, playing his suitcase drums with his heels, ripping on the guitar, singing and dancing.

Charlie released his solo debut EP “Live from the Chop Bin” in 2013 and recently released his first full length project, self-titled as “The Charlie Jacobson Band”. As well as his personal projects, Charlie has been cutting his teeth as the guitarist for some of Canada’s most well respected blues acts including Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Russell Jackson and Donald Ray Johnson. This has included performances at the Calgary International Blues Festival in 2013 and 2014, and prominent blues clubs around Alberta. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, Charlie is a true showman. If there is a table to dance on, a banister to slide off or a chandelier to swing from, you’ll find him working it into his passionate, high energy act. Charlie was raised in central Alberta with strong ties to the Aspen parkland and his grandparent’s farm.

Charlie will be working with Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne and Sherman Doucette later on Saturday, but we thought it would be a great idea to give this young man a chance to shine in front of our appreciative Blues Hounds to start the day. Help him feel the love!

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